Bids and Offers: FAQ

How much should I offer?

Any book is "worth" whatever somebody's willing to pay for it, but there is usally a well-established market value for any particular issue you might be bidding on. Please educate yourself on the fair market price for each book before you make an offer. While you can typically expect sellers to show some flexibility on price, "low-balling" doesn't usually work.

Note that in order to make sure all offers are serious, we require that each offer be at least 65% of the offer price.

My offer was accepted ... what now?

When you win a book, you will receive an instant confirmation via email. However, we usually wait 24 hours before sending you an invoice with payment instructions, so that we can include multiple wins on a single invoice.

Why was my offer rejected?

Of course, sellers are under no obligation to accept or counter your offers, and may reject offers for any reason. However, there are a few common reasons for offer rejection that you should know about. In some cases, you may see your offer status change from Accepted or Countered to Rejected. See below for why this happens.

Why did my offer status change from Pending or Accepted to Rejected?

The number one reason why we would change an offer from Accepted to Rejected is where, after accepting your offer, we are unable to locate your book in our physical inventory. Usually we will try to provide some more information for you in the book's Comments field, so that you know what happened. As always, if you have further questions about the book, we encourage you to contact us.

If we realize a book is unavailable before accepting your offer, you may see your offer jump directly from Pending to Rejected. Again, the Comments field will sometimes show you more information on why the offer was rejected.

Why did my offer status change from Countered to Rejected?

Because we receive such a high volume of offers, we need to enforce a policy of changing counter-offers to offer rejections after seven (7) days with no response to a counter-offer. You are still invited to make another offer (higher than your previous offer, of course), at which time we will respond to your new offer.

Why am I being warned when I retract my offer(s) or bid(s)?

We want to make sure that all of our members respect the bidding process. Offer and bid retractions are acceptable only under the following circumstances:

Members who retract their offers and bids frequently or indiscriminately may have their membership privileges taken away at our descretion.